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'Tis the season, 2011~

Hey, hi, hello there, what's up :3 Last year, my plan to do cute things for the holidays failed miserably and for that I'm sorry. Shall we try this again?

Since I'm not entirely sure what everyone would appreciate, this is a "gimme!" post. Let it all out~ Lemme know what you're interested in and I'll try to deliver ♥

Yes, comments are screened!

  • I can make icons (with or without screencaps/fanart provided), at least as good as the average person. Coloring's not my thing, though. If you have a preference (happy faces, with certain other characters, cropping with faces on one side of the frame as opposed to the other) I'll accommodate, too. P-Please specify the character, since you've all got some pretty impressive muse rosters ;;

  • I liek the writings. You want some fic? I can do fic. No guarantee on length but it won't be a two-sentence cop-out, I promise. RP-verse preferred, since I may not be familiar with all canons.

  • Cards! I'll write 'em IC, OOC, with copious amounts of holiday cheer or vicious amounts of bah humbug, upside-down, inside-out, whatever -- just give me your address, which I will treat with care and security in screened comments, and ye shall receive.

  • Tiny cute things! I have lots of tiny cute things that deserve good homes. If I've got your address you may be on the receiving end of such things! (Emphasis on tiny. Little cards or charms or something from old fandoms, stuff like that.)

Even if you don't comment, watch out -- I may throw something at your inbox anyway! At the end of the day, I may regret the price of stamps but damn I love making you guys smile ;3;

Hey, Azu! I know you live waaaaaay off in the wild blue yonder, but if it wouldn't be weird, I'd love to send you in particular something for being an awesome friend all these years. :D (Any of you ALForumers who still follow, in fact!)
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