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09 December 2014 @ 01:18 am
i'd love to send you guys cards at the very least, and hopefully cute little holiday giftbags at most! comments are screened, of course, so please leave one if you'd like ♥

Originally posted on Dreamwidth -- right over here!
22 November 2011 @ 11:30 pm
Hey, hi, hello there, what's up :3 Last year, my plan to do cute things for the holidays failed miserably and for that I'm sorry. Shall we try this again?

Since I'm not entirely sure what everyone would appreciate, this is a "gimme!" post. Let it all out~ Lemme know what you're interested in and I'll try to deliver ♥

Yes, comments are screened!

  • I can make icons (with or without screencaps/fanart provided), at least as good as the average person. Coloring's not my thing, though. If you have a preference (happy faces, with certain other characters, cropping with faces on one side of the frame as opposed to the other) I'll accommodate, too. P-Please specify the character, since you've all got some pretty impressive muse rosters ;;

  • I liek the writings. You want some fic? I can do fic. No guarantee on length but it won't be a two-sentence cop-out, I promise. RP-verse preferred, since I may not be familiar with all canons.

  • Cards! I'll write 'em IC, OOC, with copious amounts of holiday cheer or vicious amounts of bah humbug, upside-down, inside-out, whatever -- just give me your address, which I will treat with care and security in screened comments, and ye shall receive.

  • Tiny cute things! I have lots of tiny cute things that deserve good homes. If I've got your address you may be on the receiving end of such things! (Emphasis on tiny. Little cards or charms or something from old fandoms, stuff like that.)

Even if you don't comment, watch out -- I may throw something at your inbox anyway! At the end of the day, I may regret the price of stamps but damn I love making you guys smile ;3;

Hey, Azu! I know you live waaaaaay off in the wild blue yonder, but if it wouldn't be weird, I'd love to send you in particular something for being an awesome friend all these years. :D (Any of you ALForumers who still follow, in fact!)
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Death Trance is a fucking awesome movie.

That is all.
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It is approximately 6:30 AM, and all I have been doing for the past hour is looking at old Sukisho fandom fic and RP. Oh, some of my contributions were atrocious, but you guys, you guys were fantastic ♥

That was four or five years ago. I can't believe it. Some of it's still so fresh in my mind; other things are flooding back with each click.

And I know I'm prone to fits of doing this every so often but. Goddamn. I haven't done it since - *checks!* - July, and that was only a generic "lol i loev sukisyo!11" so... stuff it. :|

aatash, betrayedworld, chasingthewinds, daiyaonna, and anyone else I may still have friended from that fandom -- including you, keruri_7, in all of your MIAness -- you guys made that time incredible. I LOVE YOU DUDES FOREVER, E-EVEN IF WE DON'T TALK MUCH, BECAUSE I'M BAD AT APPROACHING PEOPLE AND DSFGHJJJHGFD

/goes to drown in nostalgia and the shame of her awful RPing

/...wait, how long has this been my default icon? jesus christ, I have issues.
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26 January 2010 @ 05:13 pm
Even standing on the most stable object we have in the apartment, I cannot reach the faulty smoke detector that has been beeping consistently, approximately every thirty seconds, since 9 AM. It is now approximately 5:15 PM. My (tall!) roommate* is gone 'til 10, my landlord won't pick up his phone, and holy shit, I feel like a small child because I can't perform a simple task.

/resigns self to becoming best friends with a ladder for all future apartment experiences

*It's too high for him to reach unless he stands on something, and he's probably 5'8"-5'10"? Looks like goddamn 6'8" standing next to me. >>;;
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10 January 2010 @ 04:39 pm
Dicking around with my first draft of this thing. I wanted to preserve the series' penchant for ridiculously specific, character-unique attacks, hence the ridiculous point-buy system. Maybe I went a little overboard? Seriously, any criticism is welcomed; I've never done anything of such epic scale before and would love to know how it could be better.

Also, apologies if it's not formatted 100% perfect - I'm transferring it from a few separate non-HTML documents and might have missed something :\

The dice you will need: d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20 ♥

Racial statsCollapse )

Class statsCollapse )

Buying your statsCollapse )

TrainingCollapse )

KidouCollapse )

Point-buy Powers!Collapse )

Feats/AbilitiesCollapse )
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The Top 11 Reasons I Love Bleach: The 3rd Phantom
Not because the Nostalgia Critic does "top 11s" but because it's my lucky number, damn it

In a nutshell, it's a somewhat AU, half-pre-Turn-Back-the-Pendulum (with a different Captain of 5th), half-past (Arrancar-arc-ish) timeline, DS game. Wikipedia is spoilery, which fails. Here, I try not to be so much of either.

mmmhm.Collapse )


(...I think I'm finally caught up with TST, too ♥ If there's anything/anyone/anywhatever that I've missed, don't hesitate to send me a punch to the face.

And oh hey, I promised my roommate I'd take out the trash. oh, look at the time, nearly 5 AM-- thank god for noon classes)

P.S. Screw you, global warming - SNOW IN OCTOBER WHAAAAT.
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06 August 2009 @ 06:07 pm
For anime_lj_tcg, greatest devourer of free time in the known universe ♥

This is getting kind of excessive...Collapse )
15 July 2009 @ 02:11 pm
I do this thing where I type up posts and go "........nah, maybe later!" Oops. So maybe I'll talk about my boring life in another few days, weeks, whatever.

When I woke up this morning, I decided it would be awesome to get another two hours of sleep. Naturally, this led to five because I have the wonderful ability to sleep through my alarm. Still working on fixing that. =_= But when I finally woke up, I was glad I'd been allowed to sleep.

I had a dream about meeting a fandom friend I'd lost touch with years ago. (The storyline was flawlessly woven into the rest of the dream, all of which is unfortunately fading rather fast.) She simply appeared, and everybody acted as if she'd never been gone (despite most people being from RL and never knowing her); it was a seamless reinstatement into whatever the present timeline was. Some supernatural danger? Some mild school drama? I can't even remember. There were just powerful, powerful feelings of nostalgia. I did think, somewhere near the end, "Wow, I wonder where she's been all this time." So I woke up wondering, too.

Wondering where this person went - why she suddenly left without a trace, if she's okay, what she's up to - and wondering what the hell happened to me, that I don't try harder to keep in touch with people once we've both moved on from the fandom we've met in, if I care about them so damn much.

This is mostly a shoutout to Sukisho fandom. All of you guys are amazing, and that little part of my life, as short as it is in the grand scheme of things, was wonderful. It was a high point in creativity, it was a high point in being social (here's lookin' at you, kid)... It's just so warm and fuzzy.

I'm gonna let this dream kick me into shape!
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11 June 2009 @ 03:46 am
New layout - Ichikawa Gaku from Sukisho, a most enjoyable old fandom and a show that I should really re-watch for the nostalgia factor. (And I met so many awesome people through the fandom!)

Ain't fancy, but it suits my purpose just fine. A friendly little reminder to show off my determined!poses believe in the power of instant ramen be adorable take a science class do my best :3