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fffff, is this the only thing I ever nostalgia about?

It is approximately 6:30 AM, and all I have been doing for the past hour is looking at old Sukisho fandom fic and RP. Oh, some of my contributions were atrocious, but you guys, you guys were fantastic ♥

That was four or five years ago. I can't believe it. Some of it's still so fresh in my mind; other things are flooding back with each click.

And I know I'm prone to fits of doing this every so often but. Goddamn. I haven't done it since - *checks!* - July, and that was only a generic "lol i loev sukisyo!11" so... stuff it. :|

aatash, betrayedworld, chasingthewinds, daiyaonna, and anyone else I may still have friended from that fandom -- including you, keruri_7, in all of your MIAness -- you guys made that time incredible. I LOVE YOU DUDES FOREVER, E-EVEN IF WE DON'T TALK MUCH, BECAUSE I'M BAD AT APPROACHING PEOPLE AND DSFGHJJJHGFD

/goes to drown in nostalgia and the shame of her awful RPing

/...wait, how long has this been my default icon? jesus christ, I have issues.
Tags: just shut up already, nostalgia, oh the glory days, old fandoms still need love, seven hundred tags later..., sleep? wuzzat?, thank god for late classes
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