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Bleach tabletop v0.5

Dicking around with my first draft of this thing. I wanted to preserve the series' penchant for ridiculously specific, character-unique attacks, hence the ridiculous point-buy system. Maybe I went a little overboard? Seriously, any criticism is welcomed; I've never done anything of such epic scale before and would love to know how it could be better.

Also, apologies if it's not formatted 100% perfect - I'm transferring it from a few separate non-HTML documents and might have missed something :\

The dice you will need: d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20 ♥


Choose at character creation.

Race Base HP Base Reiatsu Class Options
Mod Soul 30 15 N/A; can only take racial levels
Human 20 10 Esper, Quincy, Shinigami, Arrancar*, Vizard*
Hollow 25 15 Arrancar
Ascended Beast 10 10 Esper, Shinigami, Vizard, Hollow*, Arrancar*
Bount 25 20 N/A; can only take racial levels

*Humans/Beasts can only become Vizards after undergoing Shinigami training, of course, or Arrancar if they've somehow managed to become a Hollow first. There are also level restrictions for these classes. And the whole Beast thing would make Komamura playable, ohohoho ♥ (I don't plan on doing stats for Bount characters unless I ever get let's-look-for-copyrights-and-obtain-permission-and-sell-this serious [which is beyond doubtful], but I did want to acknowledge that they exist. Nyeh.)

Class Restrictions
Esper Must be human. Must be alive. Cannot have levels in Quincy.
Quincy Must be human. Must be alive. Cannot have or take levels in Shinigami. Should not have levels in Esper, except with GM approval (such as realizing the nature of one's powers when not exposed to other Quincy).
Shinigami Must be human or beast. Can be alive or dead. Cannot have or take levels in Quincy.
Arrancar Must have gone through Hollowfication. Cannot take levels in Shinigami.
Vizard Must have gone through Hollowfication. Must have levels in Shinigami.

Do racial levels substitute for class levels? How does that even work? :\ I do have racial level tables to use for NPCs, but I won't include them because I don't want my players learning about specific Hollow abilities just yet. :P

Espers will focus on bonus feats as abilities that'll balance them with Shinigami. I am about 40% done with Espers, 60% done with Shinigami, 75% done with Arrancar, and 80% done with Vizards.


Borrowed from multiple systems, particularly WhiteWolf's "Scion," which I received the beautiful book for this holiday season ♥

Character class determines the default values for your stats. They can subsequently be increased with points obtained through leveling up or from particular feats. A stat's value cannot exceed your character level by more than two? points. No stat may be lower than 1.

At first level, you begin with 12 points to be divided amongst the following:

Physical: Strength, Dexterity, Stamina
Social: Charisma, Manipulation, Appearance
Mental: Perception, Intelligence, Wits

Each additional level gives you two points to do with as you wish.

The point value of each base stat is added to any die rolls made with that stat. A bonus is applied for the specific stat in question. (For example, a character with 4 Physical [1 Strength, 1 Dex, 2 Stamina] rolling a check against poison would add both +4 Physical and +2 Stamina = +6.)

Base HP and Reiatsu are determined by class and increase per level based on one's (+Phys)x2 after the application of stat points. Both can be further raised through acquired abilities.

Reiatsu will serve as a "mana pool" for kidou/other spirit-based techniques, as well as grant bonuses to intimidate checks and defense. Anything else? Possibly. There might be a "Reiatsu Attack" feat to enhance attacks with a bonus based on reiatsu level. "0-10 Reiatsu: +0, 11-20: +1," that kind of thing, only I doubt the increments will be that small.

There's a lot that a person can do on her own: surpass her own limits, or even create new techniques. Sometimes, in order to progress in certain ways, characters must even seek out others to mentor them or otherwise assist in the process. Because these techniques are often more powerful than anything that can be gained 'naturally,' some may have a cost -- usually Power Points.

Optional rule: roleplay instead of using the PP cost.

My game will be operating under this rule: There is no cost to your character; however, the situation must be either roleplayed and/or written. In the case there is no mentor, you should write ~3/4 of a page describing their experience. If a mentor is involved, you should roleplay the process of getting the mentor's agreement (we can do it online, even) and, if we're having a grand ol' time, some of the training.

Regardless of the cost, after a serious bout of training, all base scores will be a at -2 penalty until the character sleeps or rests for an adequate period of time. (Some feats may exempt the character from said penalty.)

These techniques are:

Shinigami Trial - A human with or without possible Shinigami lineage is subjected to trials in order to become a legitimate Shinigami. There is no cost; the penalty still applies. Any Esper may undergo the Shinigami Trial at any level; no other class can do so.

Hollowfication - Can be combined with the Shinigami Trial at any time, provided the character is either at or above level 7 or has the feat "Inner Hollow." Can be taken by any Shinigami at or above level 7??, provided an explanation is given for how it could possibly happen.

True Hollowfication marks failure in the Shinigami Trial: the character loses all of its class skills and abilities, as well as all rationality. Its stats default to Hollow base stats with an additional 5 skill points to be distributed at will. The only choice is to play a mindless creature or pay up for Arrancarization, which must happen after a timeskip of enough magnitude that the power advancement can be justified. (There is no PP cost if, for some reason, you choose to take this route or your GM makes you roll for the risk during a Shinigami Trial.)

However, in the case of "Hollowfying" your character, this refers to the acquisition of an "Inner Hollow" in the style of Ichigo's -- really, "beating" the Hollowfication to become a Vizard. If this is your goal, it has a cost of 8 PP.

Shikai Training - May be taken at level 5 or later, only by Shinigami. Can be done alone or with a mentor. No point cost. Minimum of one page must be written to explore the process. No exceptions.

Bankai Training - May be taken at level 10 or later, only by Shinigami. Can be done alone or with a mentor. No point cost. Minimum of one page must be written to explore the process. No exceptions.

Forbidden Kidou - Mentor RP required, unless it's an original technique that does something taboo, in which case you'll use the PP system accordingly. Must have taken the appropriate-level Kidou Mastery feat.

Honestly, even my compulsive attention to detail isn't going to make me battle with more HTML charts than I have to. A complete list of kidou can be found on the Bleach wiki here. I'll be applying reasonable damage amounts to each skill later -- it doesn't seem necessary now, given that kidou isn't possible until at least second level and we haven't even started. There may be a "kidou per day" that can be upped based on feats/stats, rather like spells in D&D.


You begin with 10 PP at level 1 (character creation). Each subsequent level awards +5 PP, with the exception of "landmark" levels (10 and 20), at which you are awarded +10 PP instead. Some abilities may grant extra PP/level or serve as a one-time bonus.

You may select a focus for your attacks (such as Orihime's hair pins). If the focus is destroyed, however, these abilities will be lost to you until the focus is repaired or your character learns a way around it. For this reason, you may subtract 1 point for every 5 points spent on abilities that require a focus. This does not apply to Zanpakuto abilities (Shinigami, Vizard, or Arrancar) or Quincy bow techniques.

New attacks may be bought at any time if the points are available and the storyline allows for it, but old attacks can also be "upgraded." Your points are never lost. For example, if you put all 10 points into a single-round d12 attack, you could spend your next 5 points to upgrade it to a d12 for two rounds and still have 1 point left over.

However, you can't swap points around after the fact, such as converting damage into status effects. At level 1, you put 6 points into a single-round d8 attack and have 4 points left over. At level 2, you have 9 points free. You cannot downgrade your attack so that it deals d6 damage in order to purchase 2 rounds of Fear (Terrified) with 11 points.

Each individual attack gets its own d20 roll. Point values are below.

Damage d4 d6 d8 d10 d12
1 round 2 PP 4 PP 6 PP 8 PP 10 PP
2 rounds 6 PP 8 PP 10 PP 12 PP 14 PP
3 rounds 12 PP 14 PP 16 PP 18 PP 20 PP
d4 rounds 20 PP 22 PP 24 PP 26 PP 28 PP
d6 rounds 25 PP 27 PP 29 PP 31 PP 33 PP

**Possibly remove the 3 rounder and go right from 2 rounds to d4 rounds, or right from 3 rounds to d6. Those of you who are awesome with probability, opinions? (Same goes for the status effect table)

Damage 1 round 2 rounds 3 rounds d4 rounds d6 rounds
Elemental (d4) 3 PP 5 PP 7 PP 9 PP 11 PP
Elemental (d6) 7 PP 9 PP 11 PP 13 PP 15 PP
Elemental (d8) 13 PP 15 PP 17 PP 19 PP 21 PP
Elemental (d10) 21 PP 23 PP 25 PP 27 PP 29 PP
Elemental (d12) 26 PP 28 PP 30 PP 32 PP 34 PP
Paralyze 3 PP 5 PP 7 PP 9 PP 11 PP
Fear (Mild) 2 PP 4 PP 6 PP 8 PP 10 PP
Fear (Shaken) 5 PP 7 PP 9 PP 11 PP 13 PP
Fear (Terrified) 8 PP 10 PP 12 PP 14 PP 16 PP
Control 8 PP 10 PP 12 PP 14 PP 16 PP
Sleep 8 PP 10 PP 12 PP 14 PP 16 PP

Elemental - On top of a regular attack, it will add a burn, freeze, etc. for the set number of rounds and deal additional damage of the specified value. Posion would fall under this category, subtracting the amount of damage per number of rounds. The attack deals half damage when the target makes a successful Reflex save (DC ??). Failing the save results in full damage and 1 round of paralysis regardless of the elemental effect's duration.

Paralyze - This does NO additional damage, but immobilizes the enemy for the specified number of rounds if successful. With a successful Will save (DC ??), all actions can be taken at a -2 penalty. Failing results in complete immobility until the caster's next turn.

Fear - This affects the mind and, as such, does no additional damage. It will, however, slow the target down if successful.
  • Mild: Will save at the beginning of target's turn in order to attack or advance on the person causing the fear. Can communicate with others, but seems unable to concentrate on the problem at hand.
  • Shaken - Will save at the beginning of the target's turn in order to take any action.
  • Terrified - Will save at the beginning of the target's turn in order to remain upright and in combat. Failure by a small margin (1-4) results in falling to the ground, immobile. Failure by a larger margin (5-9) results in the target immediately attempting to flee if possible. Failure by 10+ will temporarily lower the target's Mental score by an overall -2, with one point being taken out of Perception and Wits, respectively.

Control - With a successful hit, you can manipulate the target according to limits established when this power is created. Will saves will apply.

Sleep - Upon failing the Will save (DC ??), the target immediately falls asleep. Each turn, the target has a chance to reroll the save. Noise and any physical disruptions to the target will lower the difficulty of his or her save.


Not completely sure how many of these will be received at character creation and how many can be gained per how many levels. Some will be automatic for certain classes, particularly Espers, to counter the range of Shinigami techniques that they can't learn. Here's an incomplete list.

Available to most:

Spiritual Awakening - Whether from natural or unnatural means, there is power growing within you that you're finally aware of. You'll be able to sense vague presences, even if you can't quite make out the forms of spirits, Shinigami, etc. You cannot use any techniques except when pushed to your limits; it is a fight-or-flight reflex and nothing more. [NPCs with Esper potential]

Spiritual Awareness - You can see souls of all kinds and have at least a vague, instinctual understanding of reiatsu and how to use it. Your abilities can now be fully accessed. [Automatic for all level 1 PCs]

Reiatsu Sense - You can identify a person by the "feel" of his/her spiritual power. You can sense people up to distances of (30 ft. + [10*character level]) away.

Bloodhound - Once you've met someone, you can actually track him/her by spiritual power. This requires some concentration if exceeding a few minutes' time, but there is no true limit. (Prerequisite: Reiatsu Sense or Pesquisa)

Identification - You are able to see the materialization of spirit particles and, as such, "spirit threads" (reiraku). Human threads are white; Shinigami threads are red. Hollows leave a trail of dark "smoke," whereas Arrancar threads are similar, but with a red tint and somewhat more solid. (Prerequisite: Bloodhound)

Leaky Reiatsu - You have never been taught to control your spiritual pressure... or if you have, the training never quite stuck. Your inability to control it allows you to be found more easily by anyone who can sense reiatsu. For all techniques that force you to expend Reiatsu, you must spend an additional 2 points. However, because your power is made so obvious, you receive a +1 Intimidate check on anyone within one reiatsu category higher than yourself (as well as anyone in the same category or lower).

Reiatsu Suppression - Through training, you have finally learned to conceal your spiritual power. Because of your newfound control, you may still keep your Zanpakuto in a state of constant release without suffering any penalties. The intimidate bonus still applies. (Prerequisite: Leaky Reiatsu)

Constant Release Zanpakuto - You don't have the precise control of your spiritual pressure needed to keep your sword in its unsealed state; the constant influx of power has forced its shikai state regardless of whether you know your Zanpakuto's name. Others may believe you to have achieved shikai, granting you a +1 bonus to intimidate checks made while your sword is out. (Prerequisite: Leaky Reiatsu)

Versatile - Capable of picking up new techniques outside of your own specialties, you are able to learn the Techniques of several Gotei 13 squads. This is subject to GM approval, and each skill must be taken after a period of time has been spent with that squad. (For example, you cannot simply learn a healing kidou from 4th division as an Esper who has been studying for midterms on earth, even if you level up from killing a Hollow between tests.)


Inner Hollow - You were unable to properly become a Shinigami. You did it in the end, but only after it seemed you'd fallen. There's a little voice inside of you, reminding you of what could have happened. It is your dark side: perhaps not your literal opposite, but a creature that represents something you might become if you give into the baser aspects of your nature. It can have any traits that you choose, pending GM approval. By taking this feat at character creation, you acknowledge that you'll set aside 8 PP over the course of your leveling up to eventually take the Vizard class. 2 PP (of the 8) must be set aside during the character creation process.

Inner Hollow Takeover - In a moment of desperation, you lose control of your own body to the creature within you. The Physical stat of choice receives a +2 bonus (granting an overall +4, as the base stat temporarily increases). If your Shikai - or intended Shikai - uses a different attribute, you may instead switch the bonus to that attribute at no additional cost. You are only partly conscious and cannot have any effect on your actions. This state can be reversed at any time by making a Will save (+Mental, +Wits) with the DC 12 + the number of times the Hollow has previously taken over.

Outcast - Less an ability and more of an invisible brand. You are an oddity, unnatural. Enemies and allies witnessing the appearance of your mask for the first time receive a -3 penalty on a save against Fear (Moderate). Allies who receive an explanation of your power receive a -2 penalty the first time. Any time thereafter that they witness your mask, enemies (and allies you act violently towards) will receive a -1 penalty on saves against Fear (Mild), which must be made after your mask appears.

Monstrous Takeover - Driven past your limits, you lose control of both body and mind -- and so does your inner Hollow. You operate on the instincts of a wild beast that feels each and every injury you've received. It fights for its life, indiscriminately attacking enemies and allies at a +4 to any Physical stat (making any bonuses you receive a +6). This may be transferred to a different base stat at GM's discretion. Afterwards, you suffer no physical penalties, but failing to roleplay the emotional aftermath will get you a stern, disapproving frown. (Hi, Ishida's arm.)


Squad Ability - Being in a Gotei 13 squad allows you to learn important Techniques of that squad. (Some of the following techniques are gained from being part of squads, but I really need some ideas as to the full range of techniques. Any help would be immensely appreciated. I can see things like free healing kidou to 4th divisioners, or maybe "Endurance"-type feats to 11th, etc.)

Kidou Mastery - Your skill with kidou allows you to cast hadou and bakudou spells through #35. Incantations can be skipped, but the spell will only do half damage (if an attack) or the target will gain a +3 to any save s/he must make to resist additional effects. Allows you to cast extra spells per day equal to your +Stamina.

Kidou Mastery 2 - You may cast hadou and bakudou spells through #70. Additional spells per day equal to (+Stamina + 2). Reiatsu cost of spells #1-35 is reduced by half, and incantations for these can be skipped with no penalty.

Kidou Mastery 3 - You may cast hadou and bakudou spells through #99. Excludes forbidden techniques, unless you've learned them from a mentor. Additional spells equal to (+Stamina + 4). Reiatsu cost of spells #1-70 is reduced by half, and incantations for these can be skipped with no penalty.

Ultimate Kidou Mastery - Cost for all spells is reduced by half. Incantations may be skipped for any spells without penalty.

Zanpakuto Mastery - You gain a +Strength bonus per day that can be spent on any damage rolls associated with your Zanpakuto. You can apply it all at once or spread out over as many rolls as necessary. Points do not carry over to the next day.

Iron Resolve - You can receive an extra boost of power by recalling the reason you're fighting. This may come in the form of witnessing a friend take an injury, having someone call out to you for inspiration, etc… but it must be roleplayed in the proper context. You may choose between:
a +20 to your next roll to complete any offensive action;
an additional +Strength bonus to your next damage roll;
an additional number of Reiatsu points "purchased" with HP (1 point of HP = ? points of reiatsu);
or temporary HP equal to 1/4 of your max.
This may be used no more than once per combat, and no more than twice per day with GM's discretion. It may have a PP cost?

Hakuda Mastery - Perfecting hand-to-hand techniques, all unarmed attacks deal d8 damage.

Incomplete Shunko (Flash Cry) - Enhancing one's hand-to-hand technique with kidou, the user's clothes will rip from the influx of energy (sleeves, back of shirt). Unarmed attacks deal d8 damage. Because this technique has not been perfected, the user drains reiatsu at a rate of d6/round. (Prerequisites: Kidou Mastery 1, Hakuda Mastery, PP cost?)

Complete Shunko - Unarmed attacks deal d10 damage. Reiatsu drains at the rate of d4/round. Casting kidou while using this technique does require an incantation, regardless of mastery, but it will deal an additional d6 of damage. (Prerequisites: Kidou Mastery 3, Incomplete Shunko, PP cost?)
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